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重点 (Top highlight)

I often like to put a stick into the bike wheel of the UX industry as it’s strolling along feeling proud of itself. I believe — strongly — that as designers we should primarily be doers not talkers.

我经常喜欢在UX行业的自行车车轮上穿上棍子,因为它一直在为自己感到自豪。 我坚信-作为设计师,我们应该首先是行动者,而不是说话者。

Everyone is entitled to their own approach to how they work, and I can’t force “speed design methods” onto most people. They do require a lot of work and a specific mindset from the start. It’s not for everyone. And it shouldn’t be.

每个人都有权使用自己的工作方式,而我不能将“速度设计方法”强加给大多数人。 从一开始,他们确实需要大量工作和特定的心态。 不是每个人都适合。 而且不应该这样。

I also completely understand that the design process is cool to be a part of. Using mind maps to create a customer journey and imagine the problems, solutions, innovations can make any designer feel amazing.

我也完全理解设计过程很有趣。 使用思维导图来创建客户旅程并想象问题,解决方案和创新可以使任何设计师感到惊奇。

还记得UX吗? (Remember UX?)

I mean the term that came, ruled, and silently went away. It used to be everywhere and now suddenly everyone is a Product Designer. But in too many cases the scenario looks the same.

我的意思是出现,统治和默默消失的术语。 它曾经无处不在,现在突然每个人都是产品设计师 。 但是在很多情况下,情况看起来都是一样的。

Senior Product Designer — what used to be UX designer.

通过燃烧时间来欺骗客户。 (Cheating the client by burning time.)

I’ve seen it so many times it’s not even funny. Unnecessary video-calls or meetings that could be summed up in five bullet points. Sending in four people with only one actually doing anything at the meeting. Billing for all four.

我已经看过很多次了,甚至都不好笑。 不必要的视频通话或会议可以总结为五个要点。 在会议中派出四个人,只有一个人实际上在做任何事情。 全部四个帐单。

Not cool.


Another thing is all the card sorting and role-playing games with the clients.


Now, mr CEO, imagine you’re a 29 year old student and your bus is late. You need to quickly order a cab in the app. You’re running late so your hands are shaking. Now go!

首席执行官先生,现在,假设您是29岁的学生,而您的公共汽车来晚了。 您需要在应用程序中快速订购出租车。 您快迟到了,所以您的手在颤抖。 现在,走吧!

The games and flipchart scribbles are all fun until you realise that those three or four “UX people” at the meeting were all billing you by the hour. And what’s the outcome? Some scribbled “wireframes” on paper that after a while stop making any sense at all. You know what else is left?

游戏和活动挂图都很有趣,直到您意识到会议上的三个或四个“ UX用户”都按小时向您收费。 结果如何? 有些人在纸上乱写了“线框”,但不久后就完全没有意义了。 你知道还剩下什么吗?

A feeling you’ve been cheated.


Emoji — chat bubbless.
All that talk, but where is the design?

有些人只能说话。 一年。 (Some people can only talk. For a year.)

A good example is a UX guru that joined a company I was helping out a bit. When I was making actual flows, coming up with micro-interactions and tying business logic to the UI, he was talking. Let’s call him Adrian.

UX大师就是一个很好的例子,他加入了我曾帮助过的一家公司。 当我进行实际流程,提出微交互并将业务逻辑绑定到UI时,他在谈论。 我们叫他阿德里安(Adrian)。

There was a meeting after meeting with heated discussions that were always surprisingly vague, but left the impression of importance. There were some scribbles and some Q&A sessions.

会后进行了热烈的讨论,总是令人惊讶地模糊不清,但却留下了重要的印象。 有一些涂鸦和一些问答环节。

Adrian used to call in random people from the company to ask their advice — but no one was writing any of it down. He seemed bored most of the time when developers shared their views on the product.

阿德里安(Adrian)过去经常请公司里的人来征求他们的建议,但没人写下来。 当开发人员分享对产品的看法时,他似乎很无聊。

senior product designer with a long job title.
Adrian’s title was so long it wouldn’t fit on his business card.

一年后,阿德里安(Adrian)离开了公司。 (A year later Adrian has left the company.)

The outcome of that year was a lot of talking, three powerpoint presentations (all vague) and about 5 wireframe designs of new features.


Sadly all of them were so bad they had to be thrown out the window right away. Here’s an example:

可悲的是,他们所有人都非常糟糕,以至于不得不立即将其扔出窗户。 这是一个例子:

In one scenario, he placed the settings and log-out links right next to the restaurant types. So you had a list looking like:

在一种情况下,他将设置和注销链接放在餐厅类型旁边。 因此,您的列表如下所示:

Food types:


  • Italian Cuisine

  • American Cuisine

  • Polish Cuisine

  • Spanish Cuisine

  • Settings

  • Log-Out


There was no divider anywhere and the links looked exactly the same.


Next gen design?

These are the basics anyone should know and understand. No amount of fancy jargon can cover up the fact that you don’t know how to set up a navigation structure.

这些是任何人都应该了解和理解的基础。 花哨的行话掩盖不了您不知道如何设置导航结构的事实。

说实话。 (Let’s be honest.)

It has become a trend that people who can’t really draw a rectangle or explain visually what their (visual) interface is going to be like, are flooding the companies. They talk and talk, but there’s little to no substance to that talk.

那些无法真正绘制矩形或无法直观地解释其(可视)界面的人的趋势已成为一种趋势。 他们互相交谈,但是那种交谈几乎没有。

UX Jargon
So many words…

UX was getting a bad name and one of the reasons for it were these kinds of people. The “talkers”.

UX名声不好,原因之一就是这类人。 “谈话者”。

Sure — they’ve read some books and they know all the fancy heuristics and the industry lingo. They often use it to cover up the fact that they can’t really design.

当然-他们读过一些书,并且知道所有奇特的启发式方法和行业术语。 他们经常用它掩盖他们不能真正设计的事实。

They waste time and cost money.


重视预制腿上的命题主体。 (Value proposition body on pre-made legs.)

We all know, that for any product the value proposition is the most important part. If your product is super-useful or people gain a lot from it, they will jump through every flaming hoop of bad UX.

众所周知,对于任何产品,价值主张都是最重要的部分。 如果您的产品非常有用,或者人们从中受益匪浅,那么他们将跳过糟糕的用户体验的每一个烈火。

Value proposition of the product is the most important part of it. Not UX.
They will jump through all the flaming hoops of bad UX if the value of the product is great.

If your offer is subpar, no amount of UX (except for maybe dark patterns) can fix that.


At work we are seeing a huge shift in customer needs at the moment. Especially in startups that are a bit more open to learning things themselves — we see that they don’t want a UX process anymore.

在工作中,我们目前看到客户需求发生了巨大变化。 尤其是在对自己学习东西更开放的初创公司中,我们看到他们不再想要UX进程了。

UX process and what makes a great product.

他们想要好的UX,但是他们自己的方式。 (They want good UX, but their own way.)

I mentioned it many times before. A digital product is rarely innovative anymore. In most cases the innovation is in the value proposition. Sometimes it’s that and a bit of AI magic.

我之前提到过很多次。 数字产品几乎不再具有创新性。 在大多数情况下,创新在于价值主张。 有时就是那样,还有一点AI魔术。

But most of the actual design of the product can easily be done with pre-made parts. We already know how to do registration, onboarding, login and checkout. So instead of spending twelve hours at meetings and discussing how to do the “forgot my password” feature you just do it.

但是,大多数产品的实际设计都可以通过预制零件轻松完成。 我们已经知道如何进行注册,入职,登录和结帐。 因此,您只需要这样做,而不是花十二个小时在会议上讨论如何使用“忘记密码”功能。

Create a nice brand, pick the colors and create the UI specific to your product. But all the flows we already know how to do well.

创建一个不错的品牌,选择颜色并创建特定于您产品的UI。 但是我们已经知道如何做好所有的流程。

Button wireframe vs visual design.
No need to wireframe a button. Pick a style and just make one.
无需对按钮进行线框设计。 选择一种样式,然后制作一种。

您可以随时随地进行调整。 (You can always adjust as you go.)

The world is fast and it’s going to get faster. I believe it’s better to use the combined good practices out there and adjust them after launch. Iterate quickly and efficiently. Don’t overcomplicate the basics.

世界很快,而且将会变得更快。 我认为最好结合使用现有的良好做法并在发布后进行调整。 快速高效地进行迭代。 不要使基础过于复杂。

But that requires one thing many UX designers lack — the ability to be quiet for a few hours.


别说话了 开始设计。 (Stop talking. Start designing.)

Share your work. Build. Test. Modify.

分享您的工作。 建立。 测试。 修改。

Interactive prototype — flow diagram.
Prototype. A lot!
原型。 很多!

This new process is already eliminating many meeting room talkers. Customers now want the process to be fast, without all the famous UX-filler talk.

这个新过程已经消除了许多会议室发言人。 现在,客户希望过程快速进行,而没有所有著名的UX-filler讨论。



Let’s stop talking and start doing. 🚀

让我们停止交谈,开始做。 🚀

. . .

。 。 。

I just released a book on UI Design. I fight design crime at night, and I work at HYPE4 during the day, Check out my YouTube about design and productivity.

我刚刚出版了一本关于UI设计的书 。 我在夜间打击设计犯罪 ,并且白天在HYPE4工作,请查看我的YouTube有关设计和生产率的信息。

翻译自: https://uxdesign.cc/less-talkie-talkie-more-designy-designy-78defd6d7481







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